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There are many people who have played a part in the history of Bendon and none are more significant than the founder Ray Hurley.

Ray revolutionised the lingerie industry with a radical approach to design. Rather than force women's bodies into the restrictive corsetry of the time, he looked at the way women moved and pioneered lingerie that would 'bend on' their bodies.

70 years later and Bendon is globally renowned for its best in category innovation in design, technology and an unwavering commitment to its customers and premium quality products. 

Bendon TimeLine



Heidi Klum Swim launches globally.  A premium addition to the swimwear
category, the collection draws upon the craftsmanship and technology
required to create the perfect fit in intimate apparel.

Heidi Klum Intimates announces the launch of Heidi Klum Intimates
Solutions range featuring an array of essential wardrobe and red carpet
ready products from dressing tape and lingerie washbags to strapless,
backless stick on silicone bras.

Stella McCartney launches her first complete swim collection combining
the designer’s naturally feminine, naturally confident and modern design
sensibility without compromising on functionality and fit.





Heidi Klum joins forces with Bendon to launch the Heidi Klum Intimates collection, including solution brand Heidi by Heidi Klum and HK Man



Bendon’s licence from Elle Macpherson expires on 31 December 2014, ending the 25 year partnership in respect of Elle Macpherson Intimates and Macpherson Men.



Also in July, Stella McCartney will expand her lingerie offering with a new everyday range at an attractive price point, thus making Stella McCartney lingerie available to a broader customer base.



Entering into the market in July 2012, Evollove is the affordable lingerie brand fuller busted women have long coveted.



Bendon extends its product offering further by purchasing Australian lingerie brands Lovable, Kissed by Lovable and Davenport . Bendon now sells 13 intimate apparel brands around the world.



Highly regarded Australian lingerie brand Pleasure State merges its operations with Bendon, creating greater synergy for the company and bringing more luxury lingerie to consumers. 



Elle Macpherson Intimates launches Obsidian; a brand highlighting a monochromatic pallette, and raw sensuality.



Elle Macpherson Intimates launches the Boudoir range, combining silks and luxury fabrics with couture, designed to celebrate modern sexuality.



Elle Macpherson Intimates launches a new category – 'Afterwear' designed for lounging in the greatest of style.



Bendon acquires Fayreform, a brand offering superior comfort, support and shape for the full cupped and full figured woman.



Elle Macpherson joins forces with Bendon to create "Elle Macpherson Intimates" – a sophisticated lingerie label synonymous with sexy, feminine style and superb fit. With the launch of the Elle Macpherson Intimates range, Bendon becomes one of the first companies to make "fashion lingerie" accessible to millions of women.



Bendon launches New Zealand's first colour co-ordinated slips, bras and briefs.



Innovation becomes the key to Bendon's success with the introduction of stretch strap bras and stretch 'bodyfashions'.



Bendon is founded by Ray Hurley, a former naval officer,  and his brother Des,a pattern cutter by profession. Together, they revolutionise the lingerie industry.

Women's underwear was traditionally only available in neutral colours and in very limited styles, often using heavy boning and strong seams, thus constricting movement. Women's undergarments were purely functional and not meant to be seen.

'Bendon' is a literal description of how the new lingerie fits. Rather than force women's bodies into the restrictive corsetry of the time, the brothers looked at the way women's bodies moved and pioneered lingerie that would 'bend on' the body, hence the company name.